Honor And Valor February Update

Valentine Social For Veterans

We had a great time at our Valentines Social for Veterans with Charles and Harry, National Guard; Cleveland,  US Army; Don, US Navy; Odell, WWII Veteran, US Navy and Coast Guard; and Mark, US Marines. Thank you men, for your service.

We are excited to announce that we have completed our first Reinforcement Program project.  Andy and Larry recently spent three hours at an Air Force Vet’s home installing closet shelves. The Vet was very appreciative. We are in the process of landing a big partner with our Reinforcement Program, so stay tuned!

We were happy to participate in the Boston Butt sale again. This time we purchased six for our Vets. One served in the National Guard, three in the Navy, one in the Korean War, and one served in WWII.


On Bobby’s first duck hunt, he took a wood duck drake.

Our youth duck hunt was a success. Bobby took a wood duck drake he plans to have mounted.  We have several youth lined up for Turkey Hunts in April, and our outfitter Roy has scheduled two Marines and an Army Vet and his son for a Turkey Hunt. We are excited to try out the blinds sent to us from Cartblinds. Many thanks to the fine folks at Cartblinds who have helped us get the duck hunts going.