Honor and Valor Foundation, located at Lake Waccamaw, NC is a non-profit organization that provides opportunity for veterans of military service to participate in recreational activities that are normally unattainable due to financial restraints, family obligations, or deployments abroad. Honor and Valor Foundation will help veterans that return from service or deployment a chance to relax and enjoy a recreational event with family or friends.

Our Services

Honor and Valor Foundation will provide veterans the opportunity for them to pursue recreational activities of their choice to share with family or friends. Providing this service will allow both the veteran and their families a chance to reconnect and adapt back into everyday society. We also provide personal knowledge of the activity, training, individualized coaching and support, and numerous group activities to supplement the one-to-one support.

Honor and Valor Foundation has been dedicated to making a difference in the lives veterans and service men and women of all branches of service and their families since we began.

This Is Who We Are