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Red Friday T-Shirts


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Kamryn is the 2-year old daughter of Jamie and Kristin Pierce from Lake Waccamaw, NC. She has a rare bone disease called, Hypophosphatasia (“HPP”). HPP is a genetic disorder that does not allow proper absorption of the minerals, calcium and phosphorus needed in bones for children to grow. It also causes bones to be soft and easily fractured and the premature loss of teeth. Thankfully, there is a treatment. Kamryn has an injection of the medication called, Strensiq, 6 days a week. Unfortunately, this medication costs $500,000 a year, with insurance only covering half. Kamryn needs additional help to get this medication she needs. At this time, there is no cure, and she will be on this medicine the rest of her life unless a cure is found. Any help provided is very appreciated!



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