Winter Update

Our second duck hunt on our impoundment was a success. Air Force active duty Airman Seth is shown here with a Mallard Drake. After the hunt Roy,SETH,his GRANDPA and Larry had breakfast. Seth was given a decal and an HONOR AND VALOR T-shirt. Seth we thank you for your service and allowing us to share this time with you!! We also met VET CHRIS and his friend MARK. Chris has a degree in “FILM” and will work with us on videoing some of our activities. They are also working on a new 30 sec. PSA. Another VET that has joined our staff is a friend of ANDY and JAMIE..Chris J. He has a lot of contacts with our Military and will be a great asset. We had 7 staff members that attended the SHOT SHOW. Folks they paid their own way. I thank you for your commitment to HONOR AND VALOR FOUNDATION..SALUTE!!

WE made some headway with companies that will allow us to sell their products on our web page store. Here we are with some local VETS at their BOSTON BUTT SALE. WE purchased 4 to be given to older VETS. WE would like to publicly thank this group for their donation to HONOR AND VALOR FOUNDATION!! They have a GREAT PROJECT for our county. The VETERANS PARK FOR COLUMBUS COUNTY!!

Larry visited the folks in TENN in FEB. He met with DEAN AND JK who are heading up the spring season of the MUSIC CITY HAYRIDE. WE also purchased 15 tickets to be given to VETERANS. They support us, we support them…we are in this together…FOR OUR MILITARY!! SO if you visit Nashville—-check them out>>>MUSIC CITY HAYRIDE!! We also visited the RYAN’S STEAKHOUSE in LEBANON,TENN. The mgr. is a VET and has a room devoted to our MILITARY. Thank you Ken for your service and your special room>>>SALUTE!! On FRIDAY morning GARRY and I attended a pancake breakfast for VETS. We shook a lot of hands and made a lot of new friends. We did not have a youth duck hunt…no ducks!! However we will try to make up for it in spring turkey season!!

Roy and I went on a Snow Goose Hunt up near Elizabeth City NC the end of Feb. This will be a great venue to add to our Hunting Program. Roy and his son Dillion got three geese. We met Jason who is a DIE HARD FISHERMAN and he has volunteered to help us out with our fishing venues. Oh yea he is 3-5 handy cap golfer..he will be a great asset to the foundation!! Water is off the impoundment, getting ready to plant it again this spring and the dove field will be planted as well. We are now organizing turkey hunts for the spring, as well as deep sea fishing trips!! Outfitter Jamie is working on a series of TV shows to be shot while bass fishing. Founder Andy has developed a RECONTRUCTION PROGRAM which will have its own page. Check out this page to learn how he plans to help homeless Vets!!

Folks we are excited about the programs and venues we are working on. Things move slow but we are still at it!! Remember>>thank a Vet or Active Duty when you can>>>>>>>>>It’s WHAT WE DO!!!!

Remember folks if you have any contacts with a news paper,magazine or any type of publication we have an article we would like to have published. ALSO any connections with a college sports team, TV station or outdoor advertising we have a PSA we would like aired. This is how you can get involved!! Don’t forget about the AMAZON SMILE PROGRAM!!