Fall Update

Well folks NC DOVE SEASON opened today and everything was great!! It was not to hot-Sun flowers looked good-corn cut-water in the ditches…and no DOVES!!

NOPE we had a poor hunt at our location however ROY and Gary had a decent hunt at Gary’s and a good ole Chicken Bogg..they feed 40 or more hunters!! Two Veterans were honored at lunch. Glenn and Billy pictured here with ROY and GARY!! I guess that’s why they call it hunting!!

IN an attempt to get our name and logo out to the public we have an article (450 words) for publication. Any magazine or paper that will use it please contact us and we will get it to you! Also our Promo or PSA is ready. It is 1 min. with voice over. Music and photos. We are trying to get it on TV and scoreboards at sporting events…this is how you can get involved if you have connections in these areas!!

On Saturday Sept. 26 Honor And Valor completed another REINFORCEMENT PROJECT!! We were able to replace the front porch decking for Special Forces Army Vet Glenn and his Navy wife Deborah. Glenn served 14 years and Deborah served 6 years as a cryptologist. Thank you both for your service!! Our outfitter Roy,Gary, DUCK, Brad and Larry provided the labor for this project! Andy had his work trailer on site so we had all the necessary tools. Deborah provided us with lunch. Their granddaughter took her first deer of the season on youth day!! Thank you gentlemen for finding this project and for your help!!


WE are getting ready for DUCK SEASON….will flood the impoundment after THANKSGIVING…and see what happens!!!—–In NOVEMBER we fed 5 Veterans at the WOODMAN STEAK DINNER. The full week of Veterans Day at DALE’S SEAFOOD in Lake WACCAMAW we fed VETS the entire week. We were privileged to feed a total of 40 for the week. It is now hunting season and we will have some updates and pics…IF we have any success….CARRY ON!!

Our thanks to Dale’s Seafood for working with us!