Honor and Valor Foundation will provide veterans the opportunity for them to pursue recreational activities of their choice to share with family or friends. Providing this service will allow both the veteran and their families a chance to reconnect and adapt back into everyday society. We also provide personal knowledge of the activity, training, individualized coaching and support, and numerous group activities to supplement the one-to-one support.

Honor and Valor Foundation has been dedicated to making a difference in the lives veterans and service men and women of all branches of service and their families since we began.

In order to achieve this, we offer many services including the following:

  • Recruiting adult volunteers to be matched one-to-one or group events, preferably former veterans of service.
  • Professional programs to help with returning to everyday life.
  • Individualized coaching and mentoring
  • Individualized support sessions and group sessions
  • Group activities to reassure teamwork skills and self-confidence

Our hunting and fishing and golfing packages services are perhaps our program with the most impact.

In order to offer these services, we recruit adults from the community and surrounding areas who have achieved personal and professional success in their lives and have a deep respect for military personnel and the country that they serve.

We have a training program for these volunteers to teach them how to react with military personnel and to insure that any problems can be handled efficiently and without any problems that could affect the veteran’s recreational activity. Our goal is to make sure the veteran has the best time and relaxes and simply has fun and enjoys himself and his or her family and friends and the recreational activity of their choice.

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