When Honor And Valor Foundation launched, we realized this would be a learning process. Our initial plan was to provide recreational means of supporting and helping our Military. However, as we spoke with leaders at local organizations, we were made aware of their missions of helping the needy. We have also become more aware of the homeless Vet situation.

Andy, our founder, is a licensed general contractor and feels led to apply his profession and education to a new area of service. Andy does work for the Veteran’s Administration, HISSA Grants, and Adaptive Housing Grants. Therefore, Honor And Valor Foundation will be reaching out to those that help our homeless Vets, reconstructing homes for our disabled Vets, and aid in building new homes. We are excited about expanding our horizon, and incorporating greater responsibility as a foundation serving those who have served our country.

Honor And Valor Foundation will work with building associations nationwide and filter this through local organizations. Vets with construction experience, Navy Seabees and Vets that just want to help, GET READY! As in all endeavors, this will require more donations, sponsors, and money. We are ready to meet this challenge head on. We are pleased to announce the Honor and Valor Foundation Reinforcement Program: reinforcement coming to help you finish the battle!

WE are very excited about these opportunities we were exposed to! Also in July we took on a big project for our REINFORCEMENT PROGRAM. Carl S is an ARMY VETERAN..MP..two years of service. WE joined forces with our church and the county BAPTIST ASSOCIATION on this project. The needed repairs included two rooms that needed repair from the ground up, a half bath that was redone from the ground up.

Outside the home we replaced damaged fascia boards and wrapped the 220’ with new vinyl soffit and wrapped aluminum fascia boards. The youth group also did tree trimming and yard work. Andy, Army VET STERLING ,Larry and other neighbors provided the labor for the 5 days to complete the project. New swiflock flooring was installed in the two damaged rooms after the sub-flooring was repaired.

Check out the photos!!


HONOR AND VALOR did not have a sponsor for our portion of the material cost… this is an example of what we do. Andy Dwyer Incorporated license #48294 and Cruse Construction License #52481 are the official builders for the Reinforcement Program.

On Saturday Sept. 26 Honor And Valor completed another REINFORCEMENT PROJECT!! We were able to replace the front porch decking for Special Forces Army Vet Glenn and his Navy wife Deborah. Glenn served 14 years and Deborah served 6 years as a cryptologist. Thank you both for your service!! Our outfitter Roy,Gary, DUCK, Brad and Larry provided the labor for this project! Andy had his work trailer on site so we had all the necessary tools. Deborah provided us with lunch. Their granddaughter took her first deer of the season on youth day!! Thank you gentlemen for finding this project and for your help!!


Take a look at this!! This is the wall of Viet Nam Vet of Ray!! Ray served four years in the Marines, 22 years in the Coast Guard and 20 years as a Merchant Marine!! Salute!! Honor And Valor Foundation had the pleasure of helping Ray and his wife Judy with a project in their home. They needed a wider bathroom door to enable Ray to use his walker to get into the bathroom. Vet Sterling,Founder Andy, and VP Larry got the job done. Here are the men in action…..and the final pic…..the DOOR!! Thank you Ray for your service and thank you Carolyn for supplying the materials!! Here is the crew as we finished up!!